The Lizard Game

To get from Amadores to Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria there is a lovely walkway almost built into the side of the mountain.

With the beautiful blue ocean thats seems to stretch to the end of the world on one side it is easy to miss the world living behind you.

Yet if you do look the other way there is a game to be played.


The stretch between the two towns is prime real estate for lizards. They are everywhere. Large and small.


But they are also shy, hiding behind bushes, peaking out of drains or holes in the wall.


They can stay incredibly still, blending in with surroundings.


They are fast, so whilst you might hear one, as soon as you look it has darted off.


And that makes the walk interesting and the game is simple – who can spot the most lizards.


Simple, yes. Easy? Not quite.


Then try adding a camera into the mix.



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