Loch Lomond: Cameron House


As a Glaswegian that married an Ayrshire lass, I think she finds my love for the city a bit odd. But I don’t. I love Glasgow.

During the course of my (short!) life it has regenerated and revived itself and has everything one would want from a modern city. Art, culture, nightlife, sport, humour and love. As the saying goes; people make Glasgow.

Yet one of the things that I love about Glasgow is that you get everything a modern city brings whilst also being on the doorstep of the real beauty and nature that makes Scotland one of the best countries in the world.


I grew up near Great Western Road, or the A82 to give it its less glamorous name. Now this road is indeed great as it stretches from the western edge of Glasgow’s city centre to Inverness in Scotland’s Highlands, via the west of Scotland.

It also neatly illustrates the points I made above. One road has art, culture, nightlife and a trip to one of my favourite places: Loch Lomond.


This week my wife and I set off along the A82 as far as Cameron House Hotel for a luxury and relaxing break. The idea was to switch off and the fantastic spa and meal at the Carrick golf course certainty helped. However, as part of this I decided to not bring along my camera.

Yet, whilst walking along Loch Lomond and the grounds of Cameron House, I couldn’t help but be struck by the beauty and rich colours of the Loch and Scotland in the autumnal sun.



Whilst I didn’t have my Nikon I did, thankfully, have my phone. The next time – and thanks to everyone at Cameron House and Spa there will be a next time – I will make sure to bring my camera.

Meanwhile, enjoy my phone photos.


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