Gran Canaria – Amadores – Part 1

One of my favourite places to go on holiday is Gran Canaria.


It was the first trip abroad that my then girlfriend and I took as a couple and it was my now wife (it’s the same person) and I’s honeymoon destination.

It therefore has a lot of happy and personal memories.


The island is the second biggest of the Canary Islands in population size. With over 800,000 residents it is behind only Tenerife and is about 40% of the population of the Canary Islands. It is however only the third biggest of the islands in land size, behind Tenerife once again and Fuerteventura.

Despite sounding like it is named after a breed of bird, Gran Canaria actually means Great Island of Dogs. The native Canarii, who may have arrived and populated the island as early as 500 BC, called the island Tamaran which means Land of the Brace. It was captured in 1483 by the Spanish.

Oh and it is beautiful, and hot almost all year round, so it is a great place to go armed with my camera and plenty of water.


There are plenty of photos on the way but I thought I would start with a handful taken from the south west of the island at Amadores.

I also thought I would see how the same photos looked in both colour and black and white. Just how much does it change the photo? Judge for yourself.

Which do you like better – black and white or colour? (Click pictures to enlarge)



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