7 Days of Nature

A couple of weeks ago I was nominated by @EffieSummers and @hannahemilylane to take part in a 7 days of nature photo challenge. Just coming out of a really busy spell in work it was a great incentive to pick up my camera and head out every day to take some photos.

One of the challenges I have found when it comes to photography is time. With a busy life it can be difficult to firstly find the time to go somewhere to take photos and secondly the time to then load and edit them once home.

This challenge made me tackle that challenge head on and what I was able to find was that with some careful planning I was able to make the time for my photography and I was all the better for it.

So below are my 7 photos from my 7 days.

I did take more photos, and in the coming weeks I shall be posting them. If you want to keep up to date on a week by week basis you can find them posted on my facebook page: www.facebook.com/jamietsmyth or my instagram: www.instagram.com/jamietsmyth.

As always you can find me on twitter: www.twitter.com/jamietsmyth

Day 1: Robin


On the first day of the challenge I decided to head into the woods next to where I stay and explore. Armed just with my camera I wasn’t really sure what sort of photo I’d emerge with, one of the reasons I enjoy wildlife photography so much.

With the only sound being the songs from birds and the wasp I was desperately trying to avoid I was soon able to spot a robin sitting pretty in the trees. A couple of clicks later and I had day 1 of my challenge.

Day 2: Rapeseed


Living in Bathgate and working in Edinburgh my commute to and from work – either by car along the M8 or by Scotrail – results in my passing by field and field. At this point of the year some of these fields are the most vivid yellow as the rapeseed is in full bloom.

So on day 2 as I drove home from work I made sure to take the back road to make a pit stop by one of the fields.

Day 3: Wild flowers


I’m lucky to work by Holyrood Park in Edinburgh, with my work offering great views of the Crags. Therefore during the 7 days of nature photo challenge I was able to nip out with my camera on my lunch break and take some photos.

I assumed I’d be posting some shots of Arthurs Seat or sprawling hillside but actually when I got all the photos on to my laptop the one that caught my eye the most was the close up of some wildflowers at the foot of the hills.

Day 4: Rabbit


My wife works at another park, Edinburgh Park, and the surrounding feels homes a whole city of wild rabbits. Thanks to the light mornings I was able to get up early, head in on the train, get some great shots of the rabbits and be in work and at my desk by 9am. I’m beginning to think the time excuse is actually just a lie to hid laziness.

Day 5: Ducks


Day 5 and I’m back in Bathgate, just wandering down the road to the woods, ponds and marshland. With heron, swans, gulls, and a whole host of other birds I am really spoiled for choice. Whilst editing, it is the black and white shot of the ducks that takes my fancy.

Day 6: Tree buds


One of the few criticisms I have about where I live is that despite the wildlife, the woods, the water and the great views, my immediate area is devoid of flowers. I do not know if this was a conscious choice or something just simply overlooked by the planners but their absence is both noticeable and regretful.

However, there are plenty of trees and on the penultimate day I was able to get some buds from the tree as my shot.

Still wouldn’t mind some flowers around the place.

Day 7: Water


For the final day I decided to photography the one thing every other photo needs to live and that of course is water. So I headed down to the stream that runs near me and balancing neatly over it I allowed my camera to be as close as I was brave enough to let it be to the water to get the shot above.


So I hope you enjoyed my 7 days of nature, the outtakes will be up on the website soon. In the meantime I nominate the below photographers/bloggers to take part and I look forward to seeing their results.








3 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephen says:

    Some cracking shots there. Really lucky working so close to Holyrood Park. Stephen


    1. JamieTSmyth says:

      Thanks Stephen! I really need to make the most of Holyrood Park, it’s to easy to eat at my desk rather than head out exploring with my camera!


  2. Rebecca says:

    Your photos are stunning! I love the variety you’ve got here and the picture of the water is stunning. My favourite is the little rabbit – so cute! It looks as though he was off to do something sneaky the moment you’d left 🙂
    Rebecca xx


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