Prestwick Beach – March 2016


As a kid from Glasgow a trip to the seaside was a rare and exciting day out…


My family often went to Helensburgh but there was the odd trip to Ayr. Ayr was always busy on a sunny day, full of fellow Glaswegians.

Little did I know at the time that, just along the coast, was the quieter and nicer Prestwick beach – along with my future wife.


Since meeting Amy I have made many, many trips to Ayrshire. The train from Glasgow Central – once it hits Ayrshire – hugs the coast and offers lovely views of the Firth of Clyde and some famous Scottish links golf courses. The drive or bus (X77 from Glasgow) is just as quick and easy.


Once their, there are plenty of places on the main street to get something to eat or drink, including an ice-cream if the weather is kind.

The beach is a haven for cyclists, dog walkers and even doting courting couples, married or otherwise.





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