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The Lizard Game

To get from Amadores to Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria there is a lovely walkway almost built into the side of the mountain.

Loch Lomond: Cameron House

As a Glaswegian that married an Ayrshire lass, I think she finds my love for the city a bit odd. But I don’t. I love Glasgow.

Into the light

Out of darkness, And into the light, Your flame shines bright.

Bathgate Gala Day 2016

The average summer in Britain brings barbeques, beer gardens and trips abroad to try and find the sun that other nations tells us exist but remains ever elusive, particularly in Scotland.

7 Days of Nature

A couple of weeks ago I was nominated by @EffieSummers and @hannahemilylane to take part in a 7 days of nature photo challenge. Just coming out of a really busy spell in work it was a great incentive to pick up my camera and head out every day to take some photos.

Sunday Notebook – 22nd May

Parrots  This week I was nominated to take part in a ‘seven days of nature’ photo challenge. This was just the motivation I needed to grab my camera and head out every day to try and take some photos.

Fast Cars

As a Glaswegian working in Edinburgh – and sometimes Fife – I was travelling over 100 miles, on four trains, for over two hours every weekday.

Love, floating away

It was my wife’s birthday at the beginning of March and to celebrate I bought some helium balloons…